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Funster & Charles Timmerman: More Great Puzzle Books

Solving puzzles can be endlessly fun, if you give yourself plenty of variety in the kind of puzzle books you work on.

While Lomic Books really believes in its own brand of puzzle books, we also have a lot of respect for other quality puzzle book brands and their authors. So, every once in a while we will blog about puzzle books and adult activity books outside of the Lomic Books brand.

One of the most popular puzzle creators is Charles Timmerman and his Funster brand. Timmerman creates popular, and best-selling, puzzles for adults -- at varying levels of difficulty. Also, many of his puzzle books are available as large print.

Some of Charles Timmerman's best-selling puzzle books for adults include:

  • Funster 1,000+ Sudoku Puzzles Easy to Hard: Sudoku puzzle book for adults

  • Funster 250+ Large Print Word Search Puzzles for Adults: Word Search Book for Adults Large Print with a Huge Supply of Puzzles

  • Funster 100+ Large Print Easy Crossword Puzzles: Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults

To learn more about Charles Timmerman's puzzle books, visit his website at


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