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Holiday Adult Activity Books

Relax and enjoy pages of fun! Our classic adult activity books are filled with puzzles, coloring pages, brain games, writing activities, trivia games and much more.  

Merry Christmas! Adult Activity Book


Enjoy hours of fun and holiday cheer with this terrific adult activity book!

There is an excellent variety of easy puzzles, brain games, trivia challenges, writing activities and coloring pages in this book.

Entertaining puzzles and brain games for adults include:

  • Word Searches

  • Odd One Out

  • Find the Differences

  • Shadow Finder

  • Mazes

  • Logic Puzzles

  • Unscramble

  • Riddles

  • Word Workshop

  • Two of a Kind

  • Sudoku

  • And more

This book has a wonderful selection of Christmas coloring pages with subjects such Christmas trees, holiday decorations, Christmas music, and pets during the holidays.

In addition to puzzles, brain games and coloring pages, you will find engaging writing activities that prompt you to write about your favorite Christmas experiences.

This activity book is great for adults of all ages, from young adults to seniors. Have hours of entertainment and relaxation with this delightful book.


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