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This section has answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that are asked often, so we've put the answers below. Click the most relevant button to be taken to the most common FAQs in that area.

FAQ for Readers

Frequently Asked Questions for Readers

How can I learn about newly released titles or book updates?

You can check this website often or you can sign up for our free newsletter to learn about upcoming books.


Where can I purchase one of your books?

Currently, the easiest way to purchase one of our books is on Amazon.  However, most of our books are also available to order through most bookstores.

Why can't I find a specific book published by you on your website?

Our website is being refreshed, so not all Lomic Book titles have been added.  Please check back from time to time, as more content is added.  If you have a question about a specific book, you can always fill in the contact form

How can I leave a comment about a specific book?

You are welcome to provide feedback about any Lomic Book title, by filling in the form on the contact page.  All comments are read, but unfortunately we are not able to reply to every comment.  However, the time you take to provide feedback is greatly appreciated. You can submit your comments by filling in the form on the contact page.

Lomic Books cares about your opinions.  Sometimes, we solicit opinions on a variety of book topics.  Visit our Your Opinion is Importation page, for the latest survey.

Does Lomic Books offer any free puzzles?

Yes, Lomic Books does offer free puzzles.  Check out our free puzzles.

Frequently Asked Questions for Stores and Institutions

FAQ Stores

Does Lomic Books have wholesale distribution?

Yes, many of Lomic Books' titles are available through Ingram Content Group. You can order Lomic Book titles  directly from Ingram using their tools.  The wholesale discount provided is dependent on the individual title.

Are your wholesale books returnable?

At this time, Lomic Books wholesale titles are not returnable.  We are a small publisher and so a return option is not offered.

Do you sell your books directly?

No, at this time Lomic Books does not sell any books, even bulk orders, directly. However, this is something that might change in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions for Authors and Content Creators

FAQ Authors & Content Creators

Is Lomic Books looking for author submissions?

No, Lomic Books is not accepting author submissions.  We wish authors and content creators great success with their book projects. In our books blog, we have also have an article about independent publishing.

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