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Enjoy a New Entertaining Adult Memory Book

In this excellent memory book for adults, you will find a terrific variety of fun memory activities,

relaxing brain games and easy puzzles.

In particular, you can enjoy fun short-term memory games for adults including: Particular Pictures, Delightful Details, Backwards, Memory Challenge and Terrific Lists.

Relax and exercise your long-term recall with activities such as: Brainstorm, Begins With, Lovely Memories and Complete It.

For extra variety and fun, you will find easy puzzles and brain games throughout this book including: Sudoku, Word Search, Find the Differences, Odd One Out and Two of a Kind.

There are eight sections in this book, each with its own entertaining theme. The memory activities and puzzles in this book are related to the section's theme to maximize the reader’s enjoyment. Some of the fun section themes include:

  • Entertainment & Going Out

  • Solving Mysteries

  • Word Cities & Urban Life

  • Lovely Forests & Wildlife

  • Enjoying Hobbies

This delightful memory book is large-print, and the visual puzzles use large, clear pictures; making

The Enjoyable and Easy Memory Book for Adults easy to read for adults of all ages, from young adults to seniors.

Other great features of this book include: easy-to-use instructions, great interior design, and convenient solutions.

Enjoy hours of mental exercise and entertainment with this great adult activity book!

This book is now available on Amazon and other great bookstores.


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