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Enjoy Hours of Entertaining Memory Activities and Puzzles for Adults

You will find a terrific variety of fun, memory puzzles and games for adults in the The Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book For Adults.

Within the pages of this book, you can exercise and energize your short-term memory and your long-term recall.

An Example of Short-term Memory Puzzle: Particular Pictures

A fun example of a short-term memory game in this adult memory book is ‘Particular Pictures.’

In this memory activity, you are given three easy-to-see pictures to memorize. You take as much time as you would like to commit these pictures to memory. You do not need to memorize any details in the pictures, just what the items are.

Sample Page 1: Short-term Memory Puzzle

The group of pictures will always have a theme in common such as items from nature, hobbies or musical instruments

Once you think you have memorized the items, you simply turn the page.

On the next page you will see many different pictures, including the three items that you have memorized.

Your goal is simply to find and circle the three pictures that you memorized.

Sample Page 2: Short-term Memory Puzzle

This is just one kind of the many doable short-term puzzles found in The Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book for Adults.

Other fun, doable short-term memory puzzles that you can find in this book include: Delightful Details, Silly Sentences, Lovely Lists and The Memory Challenge.

An Example of Long-term Memory Puzzle: Complete It!

Exercising your long-term recall is fun and entertaining with the memory activities in this book. One example is the Complete It! memory activity for adults.

The memory activity is true to its name -- the goal is simply to complete a popular title, saying or phrase using your long-term recall.

One of the Complete It! puzzles asks that you fill in a missing word from a popular saying.

Sample Page, Long-term Memory Puzzle

Other entertaining and doable long-term recall activities in this book include Starts With, Lovely Memories, Cool Categories, and Well Made Words.

An Example of a Classic Puzzle or Brain Game

The Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book for Adults has many classic puzzles and brain games throughout the book.

Not only are the puzzles and brain games fun, they also exercise a broad range of mental skills, often including either short-term memory or long-term recall.

A great example are the doable Sudoku puzzles you will find sprinkled throughout the book.

In the Sudoku puzzles, you are constantly keeping track of the numbers in a given vertical and horizontal row, and a group of nine squares. Juggling and tracking numbers in your head is a nice way to work your short-term memory.

Sample Page: Classic Sudoku Puzzle

Other classic puzzles and brain games you will find throughout the book include: Word Searches, Crosswords, Two of a Kind, Spot the Odd One Out, Find the Differences, Shadow Finder and Unscramble.

Summary: A Great Selection of Memory Activities and Games for Adults

The Easy and Relaxing Memory Activity Book For Adults has a great combination of activities that exercise short-term memory and long term recall. These memory games for adults, combined with classic puzzles and brain games sprinkled throughout the book, make for a terrific way for adults to exercise their memory and have a good time!

Are you interested in enjoying this book? It's available on amazon!


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