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Gratitude Adult Activity Books and Guided Journals

Relax and enjoy a lovely activity book that focuses on gratitude.  In particular, we have activity books that focus on journalling and other gratitude activities. 

Featured Book

Practicing gratitude can help cultivate feelings of joy and abundance into your life.

This book combines two easy, fun ways to create a daily gratitude habit: a Daily Gratitude Journal and Relaxing Gratitude Activities.

The Daily Gratitude Journal Pages include writing prompts which help you focus on what you are thankful for in your life, as well as space to share any feelings you need to write down in order to move into a grateful space.

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The Relaxing Gratitude Activities are organized by topic. The purpose of these gratitude activities is to expand your sense of gratitude into different areas of your life.


The gratitude activities in this book include:

  • Writing Activities: Enjoy giving thanks in writing. In particular, there is a great selection of writing prompts and questions that will help you express gratitude.

  • Creative Sketching and Doodling: Gratitude can be expressed in forms other than words. Have fun doing quick sketch activities. Also, there are doodling activities, where you fill in the details of an image related to the page’s gratitude topic.

  • Variety of Relaxing Puzzles: Most gratitude activity pages include a fun puzzle. The puzzles are based on the page’s theme, and may take various forms including: word search, odd one out, find the differences, unscramble, and match it.

  • Coloring Pages: Lovely coloring pages are interspersed throughout this book to help focus your mind on good things and express your creativity. On the back of each coloring page, there is an inspirational quotation in light gray to protect your work of art.

Altogether, there are many ways to relax, have fun, and focus on gratitude in this book.


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