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Fun & Easy Memory Activities for Adults

There are many fun ways for adults to exercise their short-term memory and long-term recall using our adult activity books.

Some entertaining short-term recall activities for adults include:

  • Delightful Details: In this short-term memory game, you memorize a picture, then turn the page, and fill in the missing details in an almost identical picture.

  • Terrific Lists: Exercise your short-term memory as you memorize a list of six related items in this game. Then you pick out the items from a grid of words related to the theme.

  • Silly Sentences: This entertaining memory game consists of a fun sentence which you memorize; and then you pick out the correct sentence from four options.

You can find these entertaining, short-term memory activities in our memory activity books for adults.

There are many ways for adults to exercise their long-term recall including:

  • Lovely Memories: In this fun exercise, you write about some of your favorite memories or experiences in response to a series of questions. As you recall details of the experience, you use your long-term memory skills.

  • Complete It!: In this long-term memory game, you fill in the missing word in famous sayings or titles. Enjoy remembers these popular sayings, titles and terms.

  • Cool Categories: This is an entertaining exercise where you write down as many items you can come up with that belong in a specific category, which uses your long-term recall.

You can find these entertaining, long-term recall activities in our memory activity books for adults.

Are you interested in getting one of this fun memory books delivered to your home? Consider ordering each of the books from amazon. Feel free to use the links below to order a memory book for adults:

In addition to memory games for adults, each book includes an entertaining array of classic puzzles such as word searches, sudoku, find the differences, spot the odd one out and more!


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