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Light and Fun! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games


This entertaining puzzle book is filled with a terrific variety of easy, fun puzzles and brain games!

Adults can exercise a wide variety of mental skills such as attention to detail, memory, problem solving, vocabulary and logical reasoning.

Light & Fun! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games is a perfect puzzle book for seniors and older adults because of its large print, clear images and higher-quality white paper that make the puzzles and games easy to see.


There are over twenty different styles of puzzles and brain games including:

  • Spot the Odd One Out

  • Word Searches

  • Crosswords

  • Find the Differences

  • Mazes

  • Trivia Challenges

  • Shadow Finder

  • Logic Puzzles

  • Memory Games

  • Word Unscramble

  • Sudoku

  • and much more!

In addition to many great styles of puzzles, Light & Fun! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games has evenly distributed the different kinds of puzzles within the book, so that the reader can enjoy an exceptional selection of easy puzzles and brain games.

Would you like a more detailed overview? Then read on…

Light & Fun! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games has four major sections each with its own set of puzzles that exercise the brain in a different way. Here’s a quick description of each section.

  • Visual Puzzles: In this section, there are fun puzzles and brain games which exercise the solver's attention to detail, comparison skills, and problem solving skills. Puzzles in this section include Spot the Odd One Out, Mazes, Find the Differences, Shadow Finder, Pictures to Sayings and Awesome Arrangements.


  • Word Puzzles and Brain Games: In this section, relaxing puzzles and brain games help solver’s exercise their vocabulary and problem solving skills in a fun way. Puzzles and brain games in this section include: Word Searches, Crosswords, Starts With, Clues and Rhymes, Unscramble, and Delightful Arrangements.


  • Logic and Number Brain Games: This entertaining section of games exercise the players numeracy skills, logical reasoning skills, comparison skills, and general problem solving skills. The brain games in this section include: Devine Deduction, Tally Totals, Solve the Sequence, It's All Relative and Odd Number Out.


  • Memory Brain Games: This section makes exercising your memory a good time! It is filled with brain games are focused on exercising the solver’s short term and long term memory including: Trivia Matching, Lovely Lists, Complete it!, and Terrific Trivia Challenges.

All together, Light & Fun! Easy Puzzles and Brain Games is the perfect puzzle book for seniors because provides a great selection of easy, fun puzzles and games in a highly-readable format.

Have a wonderful time working through this entertaining book!


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