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The Large-Print Word Search Book

LP WS BOOK_1.png

Enjoy hours of fun with this lovely large-print word search book!

This book has many terrific features:

  • Truly easy on the eyes: This puzzle book is very easy to read with extra large print and higher-quality white paper.

  • Fun word search themes: This book includes a great selection of word search themes which make the puzzles very entertaining.

  • Easy mental exercise: With delightful variety of words to look for, this book provides great mental exercise.


This large-print puzzle book is also:

  • Perfect for adults: This puzzle book is designed for adults of all ages, from young adults to seniors.

  • An provides hours of entertainment: Enjoy hours of fun and relaxation with this book.

Enjoy lots of word search fun, or give the gift of easy to read large-print word searches, with this terrific book. 


Some of the fun activities in this book include:

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