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Relaxing Puzzles & Brain Games For Adults

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Take a break and unwind with this relaxing puzzle book…

This book is filled with engaging and entertaining brain games and puzzles for adults.

Enjoy getting away from the phone, and the tv, by working on a fun variety of puzzles and brain games including:

  • Picture Puzzles and Brain Games — Puzzles include Spot the Odd One Out, Find the Differences, Two of a Kind and Shadow Finder. These brain games are fun and exercise attention to detail.

  • Word Puzzles and Brain Games — Puzzles include Word Search, Starts With, Brainstorm, Crosswords, Clues and Rhymes, and Unscramble. These brain games focus on vocabulary, recall and having a good time.


  • Logic Puzzles and Brain Games — The games include Super Scales, Traditional Logic Puzzles, and Put it In Order. These puzzles focus on using reasoning and logical deduction.


  • And More Brain Games — Including Memory Muscles which is a fun way to engage your memory, as well as the Half and Half and Reflection puzzles which provide an easy way to engage visual-spacial skills.


All together, the activities in this book provide mental exercise and entertainment. This can be very relaxing as your focus shifts from the day-to-day to working on the doable activities in this book.

Moreover, large-print and clear images are used through out the book to make sure the book is easy to read, and relaxing to complete; making the book a terrific choice for adults of all ages, including seniors.

So put your feet up, pick up a pencil, and have a great time working through this book!


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