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The Art Activity Book For Adults

Cultivate your artistic expression, and have fun, with this lovely art activity book!

This art workbook for adults is filled with a wonderful range of activities including:

  • Coloring Pages

  • Enhance the Drawing

  • The Six Step Sketch

  • Doodle or Design

  • Looking for Details

  • One-Line Sketch

  • Make It Abstract

  • Shadow Shapes

  • Self-Portrait

  • Bits & Pieces

  • A Different Perspective

  • And many more!

You can build your art skills and enjoy a relaxing experience while working on all of easy, engaging art projects in this book.

The book is made up different sections each with an interesting themes such as: People & Portraits, Abstract Art, All Sorts of Animals, Mechanical Means, Flowers & Trees and Pretty Patterns. Each art exercise is tailored to the section's theme to create a great selection of creative activities that cultivate art skills and self-expression.

Another of the great features of this book is that minimal art tools are needed. In fact, most of the activities in this book can be completed with a pencil and an eraser, with the exception of the coloring pages. For the coloring pages, you can use pencil crayons, markers, or pastels; or any combination of the three.

Altogether, this art activity book for adults provides a great way to relax, have a good time and enjoy making art.

Start creating today! Buy now from Amazon.


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