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Perfect for Spring: The Delightful Adult Activity Book

Enjoy hours of fun and relaxation with this cheerful adult activity book!

This book has an excellent variety of easy puzzles, brain games, writing activities and coloring pages.

Some of the fun puzzles and brain games in this book include:

  • Word Searches

  • Sudoku

  • Odd One Out

  • Find the Differences

  • Crosswords

  • Two of a Kind

  • Cracking Codes

  • And many more!

Working on these puzzles and games provides hours of fun and an enjoyable mental workout.

There is an excellent selection of coloring pages for adults in this activity book. In fact, each section includes several coloring pages that relate to the theme of the section. Section theme's include: Let's Celebrate; Mythical, Magical & Mysterious; and Beautiful Gardens.

In this book, there are three kinds of writing activities. First, there is Your Story where you write about your own experiences. Second, on the My Ideas pages, you share your thoughts and opinions. And finally, there are What would you rather? questions where you pick between two scenarios, and then explain why you would make that choice.

Altogether, this adult activity book has an excellent variety of activities for hours of entertainment and relaxation.


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