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A Terrific Gift for a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Provide hours of fun and relaxation to a loved one who has mild to moderate dementia or

cognitive decline due to illness.

This excellent activity book is filled with extra easy puzzles and simple coloring pages for elderly seniors.

The very easy puzzles and activities in this book include:

  • Spot the Odd One Out

  • Find the Differences

  • Word Searches

  • Spot the Stars

  • Mazes

  • And Coloring Pages

All of the puzzles are in large print and in full color!

There are other great features in this book including: higher-quality white paper, simple instructions and easy to read solutions.

Altogether, this book provides elderly seniors and people with dementia extra, easy activities for fun, focus and relaxation.

Quick Summary

Level of difficulty: Extra, easy puzzles; and simple coloring pages. Who is this book for: Elderly seniors who have dementia, Alzheimers, experienced a stroke, or have experienced cognitive decline for an other reason. List of valuable features: Full color puzzles, large print, simple instructions


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