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Extra Large Print Can Make Puzzle Books More Relaxing

Puzzles are meant to stimulate and exercise the mind, not put a strain on the eyes!

As we age, trying to see small print can become difficult and stressful. Unfortunately, we sometimes stop doing things we love, because trying to see certain details is just too difficult. This is often the case for people who enjoy doing word search puzzles.

However, the good news is that there are puzzle books that use extra large print so that you can relax and see the puzzles more easily.

A good example, is The Large-Print Word Search Book which uses extra large print for its word search puzzles.

With big print throughout, this book provides word search puzzles that are much easier to see! The result, is a more relaxing experience for people who have difficultly seeing small print.

It is important to point out that the word search puzzles in this book have not been simplified. They have engaging themes and interesting word lists. The print is simply bigger to provide a more relaxing experience.

Enjoy the ease and fun that extra large print can bring to the word search experience.


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