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Cultivating Moments of Gratitude & Joy with a Delightful New Book

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

— Eckhart Tolle

Practicing gratitude can help bring joy and peacefulness into your life. In fact, the benefits of gratitude have been explored in scientific circles. For example:

The book Daily Joy Gratitude Journal & Activity Book was written to provide a fun and easy way to cultivate gratitude. In particular, the book has two components:

  1. Daily Gratitude Journal: Enjoy plenty of lovely journal pages, where you can express your, thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

  2. Gratitude Activities: Relax and have fun with a wide variety of gratitude activities including writing prompts, puzzles, coloring pages and more.

This combination of gratitude activities can provide a relaxing way to build a gratitude habit because if you do not feel like journaling about gratitude, you can pick another activity that focuses your mind on giving thanks.

This Book is Easy to Use

To make this book easy to use, there is an engaging two-page layout. On one side, you will find a gratitude activities page that focuses on a specific topic; and on the other side, there is a

gratitude journal page. You can see an example of sample pages below.

Sample Pages

This friendly layout provides an easy way to give thanks. Also, the gratitude activities are grouped by theme. In fact there are several different sections within this book including:

  • Nature & The Outdoors

  • Parts of My Day

  • Unexpected Moments

  • Happy Pets

  • About Myself

  • Little Comforts

  • And More

Within each section, you will find several gratitude activities pages that related to the section topic.

Enjoyable Variety of Gratitude Activities

There is a lovely variety of gratitude activities in this book. In particular, you will find many different ways to cultivate gratitude in your life. Some of the activities are described below.

1. Journaling and Writing Prompts

Enjoy giving thanks in writing. In particular, there is a great selection of writing prompts and questions that will help you express gratitude. This process allows you to expand your feelings of thankfulness.

2. Creative Sketching & Doodling

Gratitude can be expressed in forms other than words. For example, there are opportunities in this book to quickly sketch things that your are grateful for. There are also doodling activities, where you can fill in the details of an image related to the page’s gratitude topic.

3. Variety of Relaxing Puzzles

Most gratitude activity pages include a fun puzzle. The puzzle is based on the page’s theme, and may take various forms including: word search, odd one out, find the differences, unscramble, and match it.

4. Coloring Pages

Lovely coloring pages are interspersed throughout this book to help focus your mind on good things and express your creativity. On the back of each coloring page, there is an inspirational quotation in light gray to protect your work of art.

Enjoy this Book!

Altogether, there are many fun and easy ways to focus on gratitude in this book. If you are interested in this book, it is now available on amazon.

Best wishes for a wonderful gratitude journey.


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