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The Easy and Relaxing Memory Book for Adults

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing way to exercise your memory?

This adult activity book provides hours of easy memory activities for adults.

There is a terrific variety activities in this book including:

  • Short-term memory: Enjoy many fun and easy short-term memory activities including Delightful Details, Particular Pictures, Silly Sentences,Backwards and Lots of Lists.

  • Long-term memory: Give your long-term recall a gentle workout with a variety activities including Lovely Memories, Cool Categories, Starts With, and Complete It.

  • Classic Easy Puzzles & Brain Games: Have fun and exercise your brain with several classic puzzles such as Word Search, Spot the Odd the One Out, Find the Differences, Well Made Words and Two of a Kind.

To create fun and intriguing memory activities and puzzles, the book has seven sections each one of which that has a specific theme such as: Around the House, Arts & Crafts, Our Beautiful Earth & Love of Animals. In each section, there are short-term memory activities, long-term recall activities and classic puzzles that are based around the theme.


Other fun and useful features in this book include large-print and clear images, as well as easy-to-use solutions.


Enjoy hours of fun and mental exercise with this delightful memory book.

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