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Easy Puzzles for Fun Focus and Relaxation

This fun puzzle book can provide elderly adults with hours of fun and relaxation. 

This book is filled with extra easy puzzles designed for people with mild to moderate dementia, or cognitive decline due to illness.

There are four kinds of entertaining puzzles:

  • Spot the Odd One Out: In these puzzles, the solver finds the picture that is different from the rest.

  • Mazes: In these puzzles, the solver finds the path from start to finish.

1_Easy Focus_puzzles.png
  • Find the Differences: In these easy puzzles, the goal is to find the five differences between the two images.

  • Word Searches: In these easy word searches, the words are only put in an across or down direction. 


This book has large print and clear images throughout, further making this book pleasant to work through.

Give the gift of fun and relaxation!


And other great stores such as Barnes & Noble.

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