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Memory Exercises Can Be Beneficial and Fun 

Memory is an essential tool for everyday life, and it can often be improved with regular practice. 

Through practice, we can often make connections between information to recall facts more easily. This can help us in our lives, our professional careers, and our personal lives.


There are many different ways to work on our short-term memory and long-term recall.  Some are indirect such as exercise, improved nutrition and engaging in social activities.  


However, there are also simple direct ways to exercise your short-term memory and long-term recall.  For example, we have a set of memory books that do just that. 

In particular, the short-term memory exercises include:

  • Delightful Details: In this memory game, you memorize the details in a simple picture.  Then on, the next page, is an almost identical picture missing one or two details.  The goal is to fill in the missing details.

  • Silly Sentences: In this entertaining puzzle, you memorize a silly sentence, and then pick the sentence out from four similar options. 

  • Particular Pictures: In this memory brain game, you memorize three pictures.  Then you pick these pictures out from a selection of images.

  • Memory Challenge: In this challenging memory game, you memorize a list of unrelated items, then turn the page, and write down the items in order. 


In particular, the long-term memory exercises include:

  • Brainstorm/Cool Categories:  Flex your long-term recall by brainstorming words based on interesting themes or categories.

  • Begins With: Use your long-term recall to come up with words that fit interesting clues.

  • Lovely Memories: In this memory activity, you write about your favorite memories, working to recall interesting details.

  • Complete It: In this trivia game, you fill in a missing word in a popular title or saying.


These relaxing memory activities can be fun and give you an enjoyable mental workout.  


Other puzzles in the memory books include word searches, sodoku, and a range of picture puzzles. 

Exercise your brain and have fun! Get your memory books today!

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